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Ducks put Bryzgalov on waivers

Wow. I guess the Ducks have been trying to unload Breezy via trade and there have not been any takers. He only makes $1.36 million right now and becomes an unrestricted free agent at the end of the year, where I'm sure he'll be a pain in the ass and demand big money.
This is a shocking move regardless.
So who would/should take Bryzgalov right now?
I've got a list in order.

1. Penguins. Fleury is inconsistent and Sabourin, regardless of his little mini-run he's add is beginning to show his true colors. A Breezy-Fleury combo in Pittsburgh not only seems right, it reminds me of Dairy Queen for some reason, and makes me hungry.

2. Thrashers. Take some heat off of Kari Lehtonen.

3. Coyotes. Tellqvist is good. Auld is bad. Breezy could take over the #1 job there.

4. Lightning. Marc Denis is still floundering in Tampa while Holmqvist excels. A Holmqvist-Bryzgalov combo ensures that goatending will not be an issue in Tampa this year.

In some ways I can understand how teams won't take him, as he wants to be the #1 goalie, which I think he deserves. But there are not a lot of teams out there who are missing a #1 goal due to long-term injury or who just don't have one period.
Stay tuned for the next couple days to see if Breezy finds a new home that ISN'T in the minors.

So who is Bryzgalov's replacement? Jonas Hiller.
Hiller is a Swiss goalie who has had a lot of success in his homeland.

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