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Canucks-Flames Preview

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A couple of quick notes:
-Jeff Cowan's hip-flexor injury is more serious than expected. He may now miss a month.
-The Naslund-Twins line should stick for tonight. Hopefully they find the same successs as they did against Colorado.
-Did you know that Salo's injury involved sugery where doctors had to put 2 plates in his face? The guy may need Botox.

What a stupidly long layoff the Canucks have endured. They handed Colorado their butts on Saturday night and had to wait 5 days until tonight, when they play the Flames. I think Kesler said it best in his blog:
It’s actually kind of painful having to wait so long between games. I’d rather play everyday or play nine games in 16 nights than have one game every week.

We'll see how much rust is shown after such a long layoff.
The Flames have waited 3 days to play, and they are in the midst of a 3-game losing streak, having lost their last 3 games by the same scores: 4-1.
So what to expect tonight? I really don't have a clue. Fast-paced, hard-hitting, rough-necked hockey. We squeaked past the Lames 4-3 in OT on October 6 of this season, and I would expect much of the same tonight....provided the Canucks can carry any momentum and lessons learned from the Colorado game which seems like an eternity ago. The Flames are a quick team and need to be kept to the outside and the Nucks will have to take it to them early.
If Vancouver comes out slow, they will probably get burned.
I say 5-4 Nucks in a nail-biter.

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