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Bieksa's absence grows longer

To quote TSN:
Bieksa underwent surgery to repair the damage and was fitted with a cast following the procedure.
The belief is once the cast comes off, the Canucks blueliner will have to endure a lengthy rehabilitation process.
You know what that means folks.....the 8 weeks that was his predicted return could turn into 10-12 weeks...maybe more even.
Is that a serious blow to the Canucks' defence? To me, it's a major blow if Bieksa is/was on his game, which he wasn't at the time of his injury. We are ultra deep on defence for these very reasons. I think there are a couple decent candidates who can fill Bieksa's role admirably. Luc Bourdon, if he ever excels at the NHL level.
Edler will get a chance to shine now as well. Bourdon's big chance now comes at the heels of Salo being out for another month with a busted up face.
As long as Ohlund can start hitting the net with his shots, Bieksa's injury won't concern me as much. There are a lot of points missing in Bieksa and Salo's

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