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Avery denies making cancer comments towards Blake

''I am extremely upset and hurt that false and damaging comments were attributed to me regarding Jason Blake. I made no such comments. I have lost two grandfathers to cancer and have been a consistent contributor to multiple cancer related charities, first and foremost, Hockey Fights Cancer. I am unable to comment further, as the matter is now being addressed by legal counsel.''
A strong statement by Avery. I suppose it's hard to believe a guy like him after his rowdy past. But I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt on this one. I doubt he said it. And really, nothing much is going to come of this anyway.
Regardless, TSN's Bob McKenzie listed 3 ways to stop pregame scuffles from happening.

1.Have 2 officials patrol the center ice line during warm up.
2. Any player that crosses the center ice line gets an automatic 10 minute misconduct.
3. Any player who crosses the center ice line and initiates physical contact receives an automatic game misconduct and the team gets fined $100,000.

While I have been disagreeing with McKenzie's stance on a lot of physical issues, I kinda like his 3 points on this one.

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