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Waiting For Stanley receives honor

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The folks at Sports Media Challenge compiled a list of the top 10 NHL blogs based on "influence, community and relevance" and this site placed 7th.
Thanks for the honor, but I have to be honest here..... there are plenty of sites that didn't make the list that should be miles ahead of me, including:

The Battle of Alberta (one of my big influences to start NHL blogging in the first place)
The Battle of Ontario
Alanah's Kukla's Corner (Canucks Op Ed was another major influence for me)

I'm not sure what kind of clout these people have. Thanks for the mention, but please lay off the crack!!! It's just not good for you.

What a great game between the Leafs and Sens tonight.
-Wade Redden just isn't taking anymore crap from anyone this year. 2 brawls.
-That was a beauty goal by Heatley to end it in OT, but I can just feel the Raycroft haters coming out in hordes today.
-Jason Blake, if he ever gets on a roll, could score over 40 goals this year. He was everywhere.
-McCabe rushing up the ice shorthanded??? Is this a new Maurice tactic?

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