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The bell tolls for you first rounders

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The Vancouver Canucks made some cuts today and it would appear the opening night roster is set now (or are there more cuts coming?). At any rate, here's who you won't be rooting for come Friday evening:

  • Luc Bourdon

  • Mike Brown

  • Patrick Coulombe

  • Jannik Hansen

  • Michael Grabner

  • Jason Jaffray

  • Rick Rypien

Oh yeah, remember Dan McGillis? No you don't, he never existed. Not on this team. Not ever. Purge your mind.

I feel bad for Hansen, but I have a feeling Vigneault will give him a chance to pop up every now and then. He proved his worth last year and had his camp ended by a broken thumb. Same with Rypien, we know Vigneault will pull the trigger on him the second this team starts playing like candy asses.

For the second straight year, Bourdon doesn't crack the big squad and that has to be a bit of a concern. Same with Grabner although we all saw that coming. Even with a deep defensive core that the Canucks have, Bourdon is supposed to be a great insurance policy and he had a very poor camp.

So, who will you be rooting for on Friday? Mason Raymond, Ryan Shannon, Nathan McIver and Alex Edler. I'm real happy for Edler who had a solid camp and what more can you say about Raymond? If he can pull some magic out of no where this season, he'll be the luckiest 22 year old on the ice on a nightly basis.

99 hours and counting (not that I am counting)...