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Surprise! Souray can't score and is injury-prone!

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Big surprise, Souray comes out of the gate slow as an Oiler and then re-aggravates his shoulder injury that he has struggled with for years. Did anyone NOT see this coming? Gotta love these players that nearly double their production or have a career year during the last season of their contract, inflate their worth, and get signed by a different team at outrageous dollars, only to have their production drop off and get a major injury in the first year under their new contract. Souray fits the bill. He is out indefinitely.
Best part about all this? No, not quite that such a bad thing happened to the's that Souray injured his shoulder while fighting a Canuck....Byron Ritchie, oh and during back to back losses to the Canucks as well.

Go Coilers!

In more important news, there was a chair on the ice at the Canucks' practice...

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