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Oh yes, it’s time

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Drinky drinkWell, if my nice little clock up on top is any indication, then the home opener is right around the damn corner (funny, I remember when I first set that and it was 105 days ago. Sweet christ).

I've done my best to preview this team and, just recently, posted the burning top 10 questions facing the Canucks. Seems that all that is left is guessed it, a season opening drunk blog.

It'll work a bit oddly for me this year (until my move is complete) because I'll be doing it through Center Ice online (thanks for not having Center Ice on Cablevision, you dicks. Cablevision owns the Rangers so you all know. See why they're evil?) so some of my postings my experience a time delay. No matter, it's my job to get stupid and leave an online trail of destruction in my path. It's the least I can do.

So if you are online tomorrow, stop on by and let's get this season started right: by both beating Roenick and getting smashed.

Fuck I love hockey.