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Myspace Storms DC

I missed last night's game, but caught most of the recaps. It was good to see Pyatt go off a bit; when he skates hard with his size he's clearly tough to defend against as he showed on that first goal. Good to see Brashear in the box during Pyatt's second goal too...ahhh, the Donald, we miss ya.

In fact all three goals were the result of relentless forechecking by the top guys Vigneault has been calling out so that's a step in the right direction. I'd argue too many penalties once again (the Caps were 2-for-7 on the man advantage) but hey, a win is a refreshing change of pace. It sounds like it was (gasp) like a real life hockey game.

The good guys at Japers' Rink were kind enough to let me talk smack a bit before the game so it's good to see I wasn't too far off pace with my math. And Poti didn't even suit up, so my waffle reference was spot on.

Now, let's see a similar effort tomorrow against the Wings and perhaps I can stop vomiting in my mouth every game I watch.