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Home is where the pain is

Ohio SucksWell so much for the Cloutier return. I suppose getting spanked by the Kings is OK considering their offense seems to be firing on a few more cylinders in the past few, no it's still very bad to lose to LA.

So the Canucks will enter their first long road trip of the year sitting in the basement of the division (technically sharing that slot with the Oilers) and, mind numbingly, have one of the league's worst defensive units. The team combined has a hysterical -37, LuonGod is sporting a bitchin' .890 save % and the team seemingly can't win at home unless they're battling Edmonton for basement wiggle room. Ugly stuff.

In years gone by, one would look favorably at a contest with the Blue Jackets since it was about as easy a two points as the league would allow before you became an AHL team. Yet Hitchcock has his squad actually playing like (gasp!) a legit NHL team and Leclaire has three shutouts with a .953 save %. Good grief.

Back to the Canucks: The good news is that they're averaging 2.9 goals per game which is 15th in the league so Naslund and Morrison are finally helping the Sedins put the puck in the net. Yet, again, they rank in the bottom of the league by giving up 3.57 (26th overall) goals a game. How, in the name of all that is good and sacred, is that possible with their defensive core and Luongo in net? Is Salo the Deepak Chopra of this team's backend??!

Chairs in practice or no chairs in practice, the Canucks can obviously play far better D then this. Vigneault will get them on track and what better time to start then at the expense of Bethany's precious Americana team? Exactly, there is none better.

Go get 'em guys, leave them crying in Ohio and provide a reason to watch the Bengals instead (those Bengals who aren't yet in prison mind you).