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Early contract extensions are genius

It seems to be the trend over the past few weeks. GM's are signing their prospects to contract extensions to avoid free agency. The Flames signing Kipper to a 6-year $35 million deal is wise, even if Kiprusoff is currently struggling. That's only $5.8 million per year long term.
I like the Kings' signing Dustin Brown to a 6-year $19.05 million deal. That's $3.175 per season. Brown is going to be a beauty, and that will be a steal when he does.
The same applies to the Wild re-signing Brent Burns to a 4-year extension worth $3.55 per season. Burns had 22 goals last season and looks to be a player on the rise.
But you know the biggest reason for all this....yeah, that damned Kevin Lowe trying to pry players away for stupid money. Teams are better off locking up their commodities early rather than let them hit free agency and get bought away.
So good on these GM's for bucking up and avoiding the stresses that morons like Kevin Lowe bring about during the offseason.

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