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Crashing back to Earth

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speedyWith Mason Raymond going the way of Shannon, it would appear that the feel good vibes from the Vancouver Canucks preseason are all but gone.

Any hope this team would be a speedy youthful team is now dead. Not that this is a bad thing; Raymond spent most of the past week watching from the press box and Shannon, as we know, was sporting a nifty -7 in three games. I am actually a fan of moving Raymond back to Moose since he's young enough that he'll get some ice time to improve his game without the limelight burning him. Shannon, too, I hope will be back and use the minors to improve. Both could still have a role on this team.

But, for now we're back to the model of "if you can't beat them, make them pissed at you". Ritchie, Rypien, Isbister, Cowan, Burrows, Cooke and that's before we consider where that Linden guy is supposed to play. So the only true bright light so far this season is that Naslund and Morrison have found their collective pulses and maybe (just maybe) Vigneault will keep Pyatt with the twins and quite the tinkering.

And if nothing else this team has to beat LA. It's LA for fucks sake, I think Britney scored on them in their last game. We need a victory and they need a goalie...come to think of it, I have a bully of an idea: RECALL CLOUTIER.