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Canucks vs Flyers Preview

New, comments has some freaky statistics about the Canucks and Flyers.
The Flyers have dominated the series lately, going 13-3-0 with one tie in the last 17 meetings. They have won five straight at Vancouver, and have recorded eight wins and four ties there since a 5-3 loss on Jan. 17, 1989.
I can remember one time when the Flyers absolutely obliterated us at home on New Year's Eve a few years back.
Philadelphia's top line of Briere, Gagne and Mike Knuble has accounted for five of the team's six goals through two games.
Well there you go. We'll just shut that damned line down tonight (Mitchell) and see if duds like Lupul and Hartnell can accomplish anything. When the Canucks are on their game and doing it Viggy-style, they can make even guys like Thornton go pointless and limp.
It could be a wide open start tonight as both teams have not played since Saturday.
But I would expect the Canucks to get a lead hopefully earlier in this one and then settle into their defensive mode.
The Flyers blew a lead to the Oilers on Saturday.
The Canucks edged the Lames in OT

The Flyer's PP is currently 15th in the League.
Vancouver's is 3rd and suddenly hot.

I say the Nucks take this one 4-3.

Game Time: 7:30
TV: Canucks' PPV (oh great, more Kirk McLean/Gary Valk analysis'.) Well, Valk's not bad. He just has that interior decorator-thingy about him.)

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