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Canucks 5 Oilers 3: Back on Track / Boulerice pays price

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I missed the first 2 periods of this one because of working a 13 hour day, so all I saw was the Canucks shutting down the Coilers in the 3rd and Naslund's great flukey goal.
Good to see Rypien score a goal and add an assist, and Burrows accomplish the same output.
I now have full confidence that the Canucks are actually back on track.

What do you think of Boulerice's 25 game suspension? It matches the longest suspension in NHL history.
''In Chris Simon's situation and the situation with Jesse Boulerice, if they cause injury we're into a whole heap of problems,'' said Colin Campbell. ''Not only the player but the teams and our league and our sport.
We saw what transpired under the Bertuzzi (and) McSorley situations when there is injury, it never stops. So I would hope players would understand and see what could happen and what can come of these things and that they have to control themselves.''

What I found strange about Boulerice after he bashed in Kesler's face was that he gave the ol' fake drop of the gloves like Kesler was going to get up and fight. What the hell was he thinking? That he didn't catch Kesler with his stick? Or was he going to beat Kesler while he was down? Only Boulerice knows I guess.
But it's obvious that Campbell and the NHL has had just about enough of this kind of violence. This lengthy suspension definitely is sending a message to all of the players out there who lose their cool and deliberately head shot a guy.

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