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Boulerice put on waivers / Edler recalled

"It caught me off guard," Kesler said Monday. "I didn't know who it was at first."He (Boulerice) introduced himself and asked me how I felt. I was taken back."
Needless to say, Boulerice was put on waivers by the Flyers today, despite his apologies to Kesler for the brutal cross check to the jaw. Hell, why pay a goon his salary for 25 games that he isn't going to play? Odds are, Boulerice will not be claimed and will not see anymore NHL icetime this year, or maybe ever. That will please a lot of goon skeptics I'm sure.

The Canucks have recalled Alex Edler today and he will play tonight against the Sharks. I guess that puts little Mike Weaver in the press box doesn't it? Or maybe Krajicek is out.

Matt Cooke, who was a healthy scratch last game will play tonight.

Oh yeah, and the Canucks will win 3-2 tonight. Not sure how much of the game I can watch tonight, as it is hectic at work.

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