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Zanstorm simulates NHL 08 season: Ducks win the Cup

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I was joking about TSN's story about the Sharks winning the Cup when somebody simulated NHL 08 on whatever gaming system, and decided to sim a season myself. Here is what came of it...

Top 3 teams in each conference


1. Sharks- 116 points
2. Avalanche- 111 points
3. Hawks- 98 points
Canucks- 5th in the West.


1. Senators- 119 points
2. Penguins- 108 points
3. Capitals- 104 points

Scoring Leaders

1. Heatley- 134 points
2. Spezza- 126 points
3. Alfredsson- 125 points
Crosby- 10th in League scoring with 112 points, and he played all 82 games.

Canucks scoring leaders

1. Naslund- 101 points (yeah sure)
2. D. Sedin- 88 points
3. H. Sedin- 69 points (72 GP)


Canucks beat the Flames in 7 games in round 1 only to lose to the Kings in 6 games in round 2.

The Ducks win the Stanley Cup, defeating the Rangers in 7 games.

Ryan Getzlaf wins the Conn Smyth Trophy. Bwahahaha.

There you have it.....30 minutes of my life I can't have back!

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