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Wirtz / Bieksa / Luongo / Kesler quick links

Rest in peace, Bill Wirtz. Here's hoping better days are ahead for the fans you alienated and the team you owned.
Ray Slover from the Sporting news wrote a great piece on the death of Hawks' owner Bill Wirtz and how it comes with mixed reactions.

Bieksa was back at practice today, but according to Rotoworld he is still ailing in his guts a bit.
"I felt good out there, not great, but good," Bieksa said. "I'm fine with my skating, and battling in the corners isn't the big issue. It's more the passing and shooting. I'm told rest will do it, but I can't just sit around doing nothing for the next few months."

Trevor Linden may play against the Sharks tonight as well after having a sore groin.
Ryan Kesler's groin is better as well after visiting the Swedish Touch Massage Parlour. He may center Markus Naslund tonight. Anyone else think Kess is going to have a good year barring injury? I say he gets 50-60 points if he plays 80 games.

Expect a different effort from Vancouver tonight, as Alain Vigneault has called out his veterans to step it up.

Roberto Luongo's response to the potential of the NHL using bigger nets:
"If that day comes, I don’t think you guys will be seeing me in the NHL," he said. "I have no intentions of playing with bigger nets."
Asked if he’d retire, he replied "Yeah."
Kind of a drama queen isn't he? However, his explanations for bigger goaltender padding holds validity.
"The way the goalies play the game has changed," he said. "Also, the shooters did not have synergy sticks back in the day. It all evolves with time.
"Definitely the game is different today and that’s why we see goalies needing a bit more protection and being better goaltenders and better athletes."

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