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Around the time Luongo was on his stomach cursing the Canucks' lack of scoring in the second round of the playoffs in April was around the same time I decided this mindfuck idea of a "yankee canuck" would need a new iteration. The thought process was "revamped site for a revamped team"...well, I kept my end of the damn bargain, so consider this the Brad Isbister website I guess (hopefully his girlfriend is hot).

Anyway, my personal opinions aside, this new site will include much of what I did last year, including:

- A season preview
- Ongoing commentary on the Canucks with a few things about other NW teams and hate-filled diatribes against the NY Rangers mixed in
- Drunk blogs a plenty
- Whatever inane "If that happens I'll do this" ideas that pop into my skull while I am stuck in traffic

So what's new you ask?

Mobile version: If you're like me (a corporate slave tethered to the Crackberry) or just a handheld web surfing hell on wheels (note: if you are, please focus on where you are walking and if you are in NYC and you're doing that and someone slams into you and steps on you while you go down, perhaps topping it off by making a derogatory comment about your mortal existence...well, my apologies in advance but I got places to go), then feel free to pop on by and get the text only version of the site quickly and easily.

A bit about Mike: Not that you care, but if you wonder who the hell I am, there's an about page with all that groovy stuff. 99.9% of you won't care, but if you want to laugh at my ass, my 15 minutes of CTV fame are up on there so you can mock at what genetic hand I've been dealt.

No ads: This isn't a knock against other web-supported sites but, aesthetically, I've never liked ads so they're not part of this site. At worst, you'll see banners on the right hand side, under the "in the outside world" header, to things I care about. Click them if you want or don't; I get nothing out of it. Additionally, you'll see some links to "buy stuff" which, once again, I get nothing out of but feel like if you want some NHL gear/bling, may as well use some of the better vendors out there.

Syndicate your heart out: Well everyone else is submitting and syndicating their crap all over the place, so I'll share the love (as duly noted) too.

Pic of the week: Not up yet because I keep praying some sort of offense will be bestowed on this team before the clock in the top right expires, but after that I'll try and add some visuals to the page to keep one and all entertained. You find a picture of a player you think is hilarious, just let me know.

That's most web sites, it's a revision in continual process so I still have some tweaking to do. I am open to comments and suggestions of what you'd like to see. Hopefully you'll enjoy the site and the upcoming season at the same time and, if not, shit blame Bettman not me.