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A quick Northwest Division preview

The Northwest Division (to me anyway) makes think of 2 words: question marks.
1. Can the Canucks repeat as Division champs?
2. Are they going to be healthy this year, because the preseason has me concerned. 3. How well will the revamped Flames play under Iron Mike Keenan?
4. Will the additions of Ryan Smyth and Scott Hannan put the Avs over the top, and what the hell is going to happen between the pipes in Colorado this year?
5. Can Marian Gaborik stay healthy and help the Wild's chances to take the division? 6. Are the Oilers going to suck that badly??

Allow me to answer the questions in order using my vast knowledge about hockey and superior insight into the future.

1. Yes. And I am predicting they will win the Division. Sure, the questions about scoring have arisen again. But I'm not biting on that this year. We will score by committee when the Sedins/Naslund falter. And really, from the goaltending to the defence positions, we are unmatched. Don't forget, the players love Viggy's system and believe in it.
2. Health shouldn't be a concern, unless Luongo or Sedins are involved. You know that when one Sedin has an itchy bum, the other scratches it). This team should be able to battle through the adversities of injury.
3. Keenan has a way of getting the best out of his players. Some more than others. The Flames' lack of road wins will not be tolerated by the crass coach and I think Keenan will turn that around.
4. The Avs are going to be a lot better with those 2 great additions. But if Paris Hilton comes to Colorado anytime soon, count on Peter Budaj taking over the #1 job and doing well at it. The Avs could be the big turnaround team here. Their performance at the end of last season was gutsy and it proves that they have a lot of fight in them. This is a great young team and Smyth, Sakic, and Hannan will complement those young players. Colorado could make me look stupid with my predictions. I had Calgary and Van finishing higher than them still.
5. Well, Gaborik will help the Wild. But asking him to stay healthy for more than 65 games is like asking a mob boss if you can bang his daughter. Gaborik hasn't come close to playing a full season since 2003. I expect that he misses 20 games again this year. Geez, if he ever played 82 games now he'd probably score 110 points.
Regardless of Gaborik's health, you never really know just how well Minesota will do.
I think the bigger question here is "when the hell is Kim Jonsson going to earn his $4.85 million contract????"
6. Yes, the Oilers are going to suck. I would expect Sourray to be a bum because last year was a contract year and Dustin Penner to be a $4.25 million bust with all that pressure put on him. The Oilers will be spoilers on certain nights, but it looks like the Battle of Alberta really only has one side to it this year. Finally, Matt will have his day, or season in the sun over there.

What are your thoughts?

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