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NHL 08 Released Today in US and Canada

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Well, hopefully Canada as well. I am going to suck it up and buy a Playstation 3 through Amazon on Thursday hopefully as Amazon's price is still over $150 cheaper than what my hometown sells it for. And I'll have NHL 08 in my hands when the PS3 comes in. Can't wait. I am a mega fan of the EA Sports versions over the 2k series and am getting a PS3 because it will also play my old Playstation games. Yup, I am a PS guy for life I guess.
One thing about these NHL games is the fans in the stands are absolute idiots. They don't visually react properly when a goal is scored, etc. Judging by the pics I've seen, that hasn't changed even on the 360 or PS3 versions. Too bad. I am hoping that the Stanley Cup celebrations are improved over the last few years as well. Oh yeah, and that Craig Simpson is taken out of the play-by-play. God he sucks.
If you buy it and play it, let me know what you think of it, as I will be waiting about 2 weeks before I get to try it out. Ah, but Waiting is a part of this site isn't it?

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