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New Blues, Stars, and Hawks jerseys

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Now here is a team that doesn't f**k with a good thing. There isn't much difference in the Hawks new jerseys. Bless their damned hearts.
View the jersey launch gallery here.

The yellow stripe looks better on the blue home jerseys than it does on the white away jerseys, in my opinion. View the Blues sweater gallery here.

Now, speaking of f**king with a good thing...the Stars went psychotic for their home jerseys, joining the Rangers as the only 2 teams to have just the name as a logo. The home jerseys makes me appreciate the Canucks' new duds a little more. I like the black though. That's cool. It's a return to the color they wore in the 90's since their inception. The away jersey looks sweet, but I don't think a lot of Stars fans are going to like the home jersey.
Actually, the Stars fans at the Stars forum are more in favor of the dark home jersey, once you get past them arguing whether it's a dark green or black. Yeesh.
View the new Dallas jersey gallery here.

What are your opinions on any or all of these new duds?

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