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C'mon man, I love ya like a brother from another mother, but this is, what's the word, oh yeah....retarded.

Those of us who don't play a game as adults in the ultimate pursuit of a big shiny cup to drink beer out of and drop in a pool with Vinne Paul in the audience HAVE to deal with change. It's part of being a working adult...hell it's part of being human. Change happens, sometimes it goes against you, so just roll with it. In this case, I'm sorry to say you chose a job in a sporting league run by a room full of monkeys who wouldn't know a good idea if it shit down their throats so, yeah, more asses will get put in the seats watching you get scored on five times then getting a shutout (at least away from GM Place). Besides, think of how much better you'll be if the goals were enlarged two inches and you were STILL lights out for 75 games a year?

Just some friendly criticism from a friendly guy in your corner. Hell, you're in my header! So don't retire, I don't feel like redoing it.

I'll go back to worshiping your pipelordery now. Bring on the virgins, the season's only a week away and the gods need a sacrifice!