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Goodbye Soaps, and maybe Jeff Friesen as well.

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Yeah yeah, I know it's Eklund giving the "Sopel to Detroit" an e4 rating, but don't give me grief over it. Sopel is out of the Canucks' picture now, as we are loaded on defence and in a sense, as much as he had brain farts on occasion, it was a terrific story when he was traded here at last year's trade deadline. Sopel was so ecstatic and wanted to finish his career here in Vancouver. It's almost too bad it didn't pan out. However, I would take Edler over Sopel any day, pricetag-wise and defensive-wise. Anyway, good luck soaps. It was good to see you in a Nucks jersey again even if it was for a short period of time.

And now Jeff Friesen is rumored to be soon signing with Leksand in Sweden, where Ed Belfour will be playing. Friesen was making $1.6 million with Calgary last season, but only scored 6 goals and 12 points in 72 games with the Flames. Actually, Friesen's offensive output has been taking a serious nose dive since the 2002-03 season with the Devils. Remember how he was a game 7 monster that playoff year. Sens fans know it...oh yes. Mr. Freeze was clutch that playoff run, scoring 10 goals and 14 points in 24 games.
It's too bad. I always hoped Friesen's potential would be reached. He scored 118 points in 66 games with Regina of the WHL back in 1993 and I thought for sure he would be a great NHL players, with his hands and speed. Never really happened.

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