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The Common Fan Pool site suffers setback

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It has been a treat to be a part of the free pool site in the past couple years, but unfortunately the NHLPA has come down on the administrator. To quote the site:
"The use of player's names, images and other identifying characteristics in any manner that is commercially exploited requires a license. Using player's names in a fantasy pool is such an instance. Our standard fantasy licensing contract will require both a minimum guarantee and a royalty (the royalty being a percentage of advertising revenue brought in by the fantasy site as well as a set fee per unique user). Royalties are credited against the minimum guarantee; if you earn over the minimum guarantee you pay those royalties to the NHLPA, if you earn under the minimum guarantee you would just be liable for the minimum guarantee."

- Adam Larry, NHLPA.
The site is down temporarily, but the admin says it will be up again on September 29th. Odds are the pool won't be free this time, but we'll see what this guy is up to, bless his heart.

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