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Sutter hit video / Marleau extended / Naslund optimistic

I have not been watching the Super Series between Canada and Russia, but when I hear about Alexei Cherepanov getting a tad concussed because of a Brandon Sutter hit, well then I want to see that. Here it is below. Can you believe he got a penalty for that? I can just hear Don Cherry screaming "Don't go in the trolley tracks!" or "Keep your head up!" That was a great, thunderous clean hit by Sutter, and Cherepanov is going to have to avoid cutting in the middle when/if he makes the NHL. He is out for the rest of the series.

The Sharks have signed Patrick Marleau to a 2 year extension today. This officially ends the rumors that he would be moved and also makes Eklund even more full of shit.
Did any of us smart hockey people really bite on the fact that the Sharks were shopping him anyway?

**UPDATE*** US$12.6-million, two-year contract extension.

TSN had a great interview with Naslund recently, and Naslund explained why his production dipped so much last season. He mentioned 'adjusting to the new defensive system' and 'not shooting the puck enough'.
To be honest, I just don't want to see him do that little cut in the middle of the slot and waste a shot of his trademarks. People are always standing in that shooting lane now because it's almost as if they scouted him.
Naslund is very excited about the coming season, as am I.
He also mentioned that he will keep playing until he feels he cannot play at a competitive level. That raises questions about whether or not he will retire after next season as was speculated. This is the final year of his contract.