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Seems most Canucks fans would welcome Forsberg to Vancouver

I wasn't expecting the results to be so one-sided. But even when I talked to Canucks fans down south on my vacation acquiring Forsberg was met with 100% approval. I am in the same boat. As risky as it would be with all of Forsberg's ailments, the time for the Canucks to push for the Cup is RIGHT NOW. We know Forsberg and Naslund can play well together, so that eliminates the drawn out search for someone who can click with Naslund and the possible failure of chemistry (see Smolinski).
In the meantime we wait. Forsberg has not made it known if he will even play next season after undergoing ankle surgery. So there are too many what-if's attached to this possibilty to even put too much stock into it.
Rumor also has it that Detroit and Colorado are front-runners in the Forsberg sweepstakes. But that is rumor only.

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