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A New Project

It's pretty difficult to find a site nowadays that has a historic list of NHL trades all on the one site. A guy named Tom King used to have one at Ottawa Valley Online but that is now defunct and spammed to hell. So I have decided to make a trade site for people's viewing and educational pleasure. It is called History of NHL Trades, and believe me, is a time-consuming task. I had printed all of the trades from Tom's site in 2002. It had every trade since 1960 and maybe even earlier. My plan is to put all of these trades on my one site. Can you say tendonitis? It will take more than a month.
If any of you know of a site like this that already exists, then let me know to save me the headache (or let me know when I'm done typing for 200 hours just to piss me off!) I can't find a good trade site anywhere.
Anyway, I'll be done it in a month or so. Reference it if you ever need it. Hopefully people use it and find it helpful. Personally, I love NHL history, and I love seeing royal screw jobs when it comes to trades! There's a lot of them out there.

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