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New Canucks jersey (sober reaction)

Sure, I was obnoxious with my opinions of the new jersey last night, and I don't take those opinions back completely.

But I get this feeling that these new duds may grow on me after a while. Let's face it, they do look sharp. And I can respect that they are trying to tie in history with it. But honestly, I think they should have held a fan competition or even a fan vote on what it should look like. After all, we are the ones putting out our hard-earned money to buy one of these things. (I still won't get it)
In my opinion, the members at the forum with their speculative Photoshop images for the most part made better-looking duds than the actual new ones.
I am still going to miss the red in there. I always liked that.
In case you missed the unveiling, the Global News live footage is below.

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