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Naslund influencing Forsberg to sign in Vancouver

Well, there you go. Naslund has told CKNW that he is trying to get Forsberg to play in Vancouver.
"I'm doing what I can," Naslund told CKNW Radio. "I'm sure there is lots of interest in him. We'll see where he ends up. I think his main focus right now is trying to get healthy with his foot and after that he'll make a decision."
Don't let this get your hopes up too high. We don't know if Forsberg will play this season. We also don't know what Vancouver would offer him for a contract and how much more the other teams will bring forward.
All I know is that Naslund and Forsberg would play well together and that would translate into success for Vancouver. Imagine throwing the Sedins and Pyatt out there, and then following that up with Naslund, Forsberg and Cooke. Gad, gives me the chills just thinking about it!

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