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Kovalev Harley crash caught on tape

The original story from TSN:
The Montreal Canadiens are breathing a sigh of relief after forward Alex Kovalev escaped serious injury after an accident in Grande Riviere, Quebec on Saturday.
Kovalev flew to the town on his own plane to visit one of his fans, and while there he managed to damage a Harley Davidson motorcycle that belonged to the mayor.
Kovalev was uninjured and says he is paying for the repairs.

I found a some security camera footage of the incident. Krazy Kovalev doesn't know that red means 'stop' I guess!
Given his history of injuries, I'd say it was a miracle he wasn't hurt, and that something is fishy.... A bum living in the nearby ditch said Alexei did at least ten 360's in the air before crashing into an old lady on a tricycle.

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