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Canucks jersey poll

I am suprised that so many people prefer to see Johnny Canuck on the new Canucks jersey. I thought the Stick in Rink would win by a landslide.
I voted for the Orca. I like the concept of it. The whale just needs to look meaner, as I've said before.

I am not so sure about the classic Johnny logo that Luongo has on his light brown mask. Johnny looks too jolly there, and not very intimidating. Intimidation. That is why the Sharks logo has always been my favorite. A revamped Johnny Canuck, still in his lumberjack theme, (not the superhero theme) that has an ax in one hand and a beer in the other, looking angrily drunk would suffice! Haha
I'm actually bothered that the red in the current jersey is being nixed. I liked the red trim.
On a separate note, for you, as a fan, doesn't it anger you at all that a new jersey is being released? Hell, you spend over $100 on a plain jersey and $200 for a personalized jersey (after taxes) and then they go and change the style on you. Is it worth it to even buy a jersey if you are not a collector? It's expensive.
Myself, I won't do it. And I definitely won't get a personalized jersey with the way players get exchanged nowadays.
I suppose a Luongo jersey would be a safe bet, but then the style change.....