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Burke gets K-Lowed and lets Penner go

"I have not (called him) and I don't plan on it," Lowe said on a conference call. "I have one responsibility and one responsibility only - and that's to the Edmonton Oilers fans and the Edmonton Oilers ownership.
I'm not in the business of trying to make friends. Never have, never will be."

I still have mixed feelings over this issue. I don't blame Lowe for desperately trying to save his ass for one and his team as well. I also don't blame Burke for letting Penner go, especially when Lowe skyrockets Penner's value to 5 years and $21.5 million.
There are so many angles that go with this story.

1. Penner has not yet reached his potential and scores 40 goals next season and Lowe looks like an evil genius.

2. Penner flounders, gets injured for most of the season and / or his production drops at Lupul-like proportions and Lowe looses his job by next summer. Lowe must have so much confidence in Penner. I'm not going to judge his opinion of Penner until I see him play in Edmonton. He is stepping right into the spotlight now in Edmonton. The pressure is on, Dustin.

3. The Ducks have lost their 'kid line' of Penner, Perry and Getzlaf. Tack on the potential of Selanne not coming back, and you can definitely get the feeling that the Ducks are not going to repeat as champs next year. Hey, fine by me. I don't don't mind a little Stanley distribution around the NHL, as long as it isn't the Rangers winning it.
Think of it as a positive, Nucks fans. Let the power teams get weaker. We'll continue to improve and our chances of winning the Cup increase.

"Now it's time to solidfy myself as an NHL player," Penner said. "Hopefully I can be a top six forward for a long time to come."

I think Lowe is expecting you to be a TOP 3....

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