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Bottom six bonanza!

He's no Isbister, Shannon or Ritchie...nope, he's only Mr. Canuck who had to deal with a bit of lost love from his own coach before inking a brand spanking new $600,000 one year deal which is most likely his swan song contract.

If you're familiar with how many times Brett Favre teases retirement, then you'll be used to the following, recycled media phrases: "...likely last preseason game", "...could be his last trip to Edmonton" and the ever nauseating " what could be his last game at GM Place".

So, yeah, I would end this with asking, yet again, about the other forward lines but that hasn't worked all summer so I'm going to ignore the huge elephant languishing in the corner of the smoking room in the mansion of my mind. Nope, I don't see him.

I'm too busy being bottom six batshit happy that Linden gets one more chance to give us
moments like this.