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Another Fitzy in the fray

If nothing else, here's hoping that Zack can pull a Rory and mess up the "All Star Game". Also, as the link indicates, the ghost is officially in the fold.

You may recall that Vancouver got Balej when they found a kind soul in my backyard named Sather to take the idiot Fedor Fedorov off our hands.

You may recall it was Fedorov who got his over hyped ass handed to him by Bieksa who would later turn out to be anything but over hyped.

You may recall it was Bieksa who was drafted 151st in the 2001 draft, the same draft that the Canucks took R. J. Umberger with their first pick.

You may recall that it was Umberger who was moved to Philly after playing hardball with the Canucks for a few years and promptly got p'wned by Brian Campbell in the 2005-06 playoffs.

You may recall it was Campbell's team, the Buffalo Sabres, who went on to p'wn the Flyers and it was one Rory Fitzpatrick who got an assist on the Vanek goal in his only game played during that series.

And, finally, you may recall it was sir Rory who I started this post out with as he has now been replaced by another Fitzy in the Vancouver system. The circle is complete.

Now...about that new logo?