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Sanford looking forward to working with Luongo

When asked about how he felt about playing a lot less as a backup to Roberto Luongo, Curtis Sanford replied:
"That’s going to be a question I’m going to have to get used to, obviously. I had to look at where I was right now and, coming off a season where I had a torn groin, I probably didn’t play as much as I wanted to but I still managed to get in 30 games. But St. Louis decided to go in a different direction," said Sanford on a conference call late Tuesday from his off-season home in Owen Sound, Ontario after signing with the Canucks as an unrestricted free agent. "I don’t feel like my playing days are over and I still aspire to play a lot of games in the NHL, but at this point of my career, I think it was a good idea to work under Roberto and work with Roberto. I still have a lot to learn and I’m still wanting to get better and that’s the main thing for me."

Not to overly offend Dany Sabourin, but I am going to feel a lot more confident in Sanford's abilities to backstop if anything were to happen to Luongo. Whenever Luongo would lay down and/or play dead after getting clipped, I could feel anxiety building up inside. "Oh shit, Sabs is going in...we're f**ked!"
I've seen Sanford play on many occasions and I like his skills. Good to see he's being a good sport about potentially playing a lot less next season.
I still wonder if Luongo will get a few less games though....

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