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RFA Compensation scale

Just in case you were curious, the following is a list of what a team that signs an opposing team's restricted free agent owes the other team in compensation. The amount of the offered price tag for the player determines the compensation.

$773,442 or below: none
$773,442-$1,171,882: a third-round pick
$1,171,882-$2,343,765: a second-round pick
$2,343,765-$3,515,647: first and third-round picks
$3,515,647-$4,687,530: first, second and third-round picks
$4,687,530-$5,859,412: two first round picks, one second round pick and one third-round pick
$5,859,412-plus: four first-round picks. (This is what Kevin Lowe would have owed the Sabres had Buffalo not matched the Oilers' offer for Thomas Vanek.)

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