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Pics of Briere, Smith and Blake press conferences

Not sure why Jason Smith is smiling here. He moved from one shit hole to another...(I kid). Smith and Lupul for Sanderson and Pitkanen...I still don't like that deal. Well, I like the thought of the Oilers plummeting down the standings....
Smith is a Flyers-type of player though.

Ooo, look at Jason Blake posing in front of a collage of Leaf greats. Toronto sure has a grandiose way of introducing players. Too bad that doesn't translate into playoff success.

Gagne-Briere-Knuble...yeah, I'd go with that line. You could call it the Canadian Red Cross Line, since all 3 have had several issues with injuries. Or maybe even the 2 Frenchies and 1 Mike K Line (in tribute to the Beastie Boys' 3 MC's and 1 DJ).

Don't mind me, I have had too much heat here today.
However, with one foul swoop, the Flyers look to be out of the NHL basement and perhaps back into the playoffs.

More images at Yahoo Sports.

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