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Once a Flamer.....

Iginla has signed a 5-year extension that will pay him $7 million per season.
"There are a lot of great hockey cities. For the fans and the passion, there isn't a city that beats Calgary," said Iginla.

"I haven't played anywhere else," said Iginla. "I talked with guys like Tony Amonte who has played in other cities, some great cities, and Craig Conroy who came back to Calgary and they rank Calgary right up there. That goes a long way in helping to make these decisions."

"You have to think about free agency a little bit, to be honest. But when I talked to my wife, we have family that is close to Calgary, the city is great. But one of the biggest things is winning. Here, there is a chance to win and that's what you want. So, in the end, it wasn't even close."

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