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Nonis Answers Questions

Dave Nonis took some time to answer questions from fans at My fave 2 questions were the following:
What qualities do you look for most from a player? - Canuck Fan

A couple of things: a player has to have talent in order to play, but character is as important, or more important than it’s ever been. We want to bring players in here that have the ability to become good professionals, not just because of their talent, but because of their work ethic and their drive, and their overall character.

Teams that have success have more players than other teams in that regard. A lot of it is about desire and wanting to be successful. We’ve really focused on trying to bring good people into the team here.

Are there areas you look at more than others? - Canuck fan

I can’t speak for other teams. I think that there are teams that do feel a little bit differently, and feel that talent is the most important thing and that you can always conform players that don’t fit in or don’t have those other attributes. But yeah, I think most teams rely on that and most teams I think look at people they want to bring in.

Note the underlined part. That pretty much squashes the hell out of Nonis making room to add Alexei Yashin to the roster. So to all the people insinuating that possibility...shut the fuck up! IF Nonis did get a complete unprofessional like Yashin, it would go against everything that is saying, doing and believing in to make this Canucks team better.

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