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News from the front

Checking around the intraweb today and we have some comical news which, honestly, is about the best it'll get in the dead of summer.

1. Just when you thought that the NHL would stay out of the muddy waters of Bonds and his muscle creams, NBA gambling fixes and, well, anything the Cincinnati Bengals do, the Staal brothers go and make a no-no. Leave it to a few guys with a last name of STALL to forget that trait and go over the limit. No mention of strippers though....not yet anyway. C'mon, a bachelor party without strippers? There's your story.

2. JJ has a deep throat connection out there somewhere as it seems he got his hands on what may be the new Canuck logo. I guess my hopes that it would be the vintage logo - despite what the Orca Bay execs have been saying - isn't going to happen. Oh well, it still beats Johnny Canuck being on there. I'm not speaking ill of the history behind that character, it just looks's the word...oh yeah....awful on the front of a professional jersey.

3. You realize the title of this post is a Bad Religion song right? No you didn't? Wait, who's Bad Religion? OK, all of you people hang your heads in shame. Or, better yet, go buy their new album.

4. Sounds like no one loves Cujo that much anymore (save for Blue Jays' fans).

5. The always ethical NY Post has a hockey blog (who knew?!) about contracting the league and includes of those to have their heads chopped off...wait for it...the last three Cup champs. There were obvious targets in Nashville, Atlanta and Phoenix and the best is killing Dallas and moving them back to Minnsota which is possible only after you kill off the current Minny team (I'm no fan of the Wild, but I love the idea that the Wild fans would have no problem with this). And yet no mention of killing off, oh I don't know, the Islanders? Or even the Sabres? Why the fuck is the criteria for contraction exactly? This is why the NY Post exists: to give those who can't think outside the box a venue in which to think comfortably inside the box.

6. Alanah got a tip that the Canucks, who have been waiting all summer to fill that massive gaping hole next to Morrison on the second line, likely inked one Jozef Balej today. Not sure if the guy - with the whitest hair of any living human mortal - will be fighting for a spot on the third and fourth lines along with many others (Isbister, Shannon, Ritchie, Cowan, Burrows, Linden, Kesler, Jaffray, Grabner, Hansen, Rypien, Simek, Fin...) or be Moose bound. Stay tuned.