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Leafs sign Scott Clemmensen

Toronto and the former Brodeur backup goalie have agreed to a 1-year deal. Surely that means that Andrew Raycroft is on the trading block right? Clemmensen has minor NHL experience (as Brodeur always plays the majority of the season) and is a decent goalie. The Toronto Marlies already have Justin Pogge and J.F. Racine as netminders. Where does Clemmensen fit in? Backing Toskala. Uh-oh. Let the rumors begin...
''Scott is an experienced professional goaltender, who will provide depth in the organization at that position,'' vice-president and general manager John Ferguson said.

Clemmensen was making a minimal $450,000 last year. Whatever the Leafs sign him for, it will be a lot less than Raycroft's $2 million.
Could there by be a Mikael Tellqvist/Raycroft reunion in Phoenix? It would make sense. Whatever deal it is, it could go down soon.

Notes on Scott Clemmensen

-was drafted out of the USHL by the Devils 215th overall in 1997.
-He is 29 years old.
-a bigger goalie at 6'3" 205 pounds.
-has played in only 25 NHL games, and a lot of those games were fillers for Brodeur where he didn't play the whole game (or was rewarded with the win or loss)
-His NHL record is 7-6-4, with a 2.82 GAA, .894 save percentage, and 2 shutouts.
view his Boston College and Albany River Rat stats here.

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