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Lamoriello / Sutter Caption

"In some ways we both come from the same school," Sutter said of Lamoriello. "I am not saying there won't be times where people disagree, but I have learned through it all, you don't want to agree all the time. You need discussion whether good or bad. The important thing is to make decisions that are right for the front of that jersey, that's what matters."

"There doesn't have to be a tremendous amount of love between the players and their head coach. There has to be a tremendous amount of respect," Sutter said. "I demand respect. I demand hard work. I'll do everything I can and I expect the same thing back from the players."

Sutter knows what he is getting himself into and how little job security there is being a coach of the Devils.
But he will make this team work hard, and will have to find ways to make this team score by committee, as the departures of Gomez and Rafalski were replaced by Karel Rachunek and Dainus Zubrus.
Sutter should do just fine, and the Devils will remain competitive. But it will be a suprise if they finish any higher than 6th in the East this coming season, barring some unforeseen blockbuster deal that puts them back into contention.

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