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It looks a defense, it smells like a defense…

...son of a bitch, it IS a defense. So much for the premature warnings that getting Beeska to stick around would be tough.

With Bieksa signed through 2010-11, that means the current top five Vancouver defensemen are all under contract through at least 2009-10 when Ohlund will be a UFA and Krajicek will be a RFA. Bourdon is also signed through
2010-11. With Luongo signed through 2010-11 as well, the defensive core and rockstar goalie is set in stone for the next few seasons.

Good to see Nonis be proactive instead of risking losing him completely next July when he was slated to be a UFA.

Now...about that offense?

6:11 PM ET Update: OK, the defense really smells now.

Take a look at that defense; that's a hell of a strong, tight top six in front of Lui. Miller is huge and definitely adds more stability to that group. Don't look for him much on the scoresheet though.

If you consider
guys like Bourdon and Edler though, something doesn't pass the smell test here. If Nonis is still looking for a top six offensive guy and wants to stay$ 2 million under the cap, he's got about $5 million left to play with excluding signing the RFAs and, if need be, Linden. Is he going to take a run at Foppa? Fiddle around with signing someone like Carter? Or try the trade route and bring in someone more high-caliber?

My two cents? I wouldn't go out and buy a Mattias Ohlund jersey anytime soon. If Nonis has one D man to spare that would get a sniper in return, it would be him.