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Islanders sign Bill Guerin (UPDATE: and Mike Comrie)

Guerin has received a raise for his improved play by the Islanders, signing a 2-year deal worth $4.5 million per year.
Guerin scored 36 goals and added 20 assists in 66 games with the Blues and Sharks combined last season. He was acquired at the trade deadline by the Sharks for a spark heading into the playoffs, but only managed 2 assists in the post season with San Jose.
To me, it's a bit of a gamble to sign him at that high of a price. Those 36 goals were the second-best totals of his 18-year NHL career. He had 41 goals with the Bruins in 2002. He is 36 years old.
But the Islanders were desperate to replace the goals lost now by the departures of Yashin, Smyth, Kozlov, and Blake.
The Isles have now added John Sim, Ruslan Fedotenko, and Bill Guerin through free agency. Hardly enough to compensate for the loss the the above players. They will have to score more by committee.

This evening, Mike Comrie has agreed to a 1 year $3.375 million deal with the Islanders. It's amazing what happens when you ditch a lot of Yashin's contract isn't it??? Wow, Garth Snow has been busy.

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