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Images of Drury/Gomez and Smyth/Hannan Press Conferences

Yahoo sports is quick on the draw when it comes to images. Below are some pictures of various players with their new teams at press conferences.

Smyth in an Avalanche jersey. It's enough to make you puke, isn't it? Now we have to put up with that asshole again all year long! Luongo had better take his knees out!

Don't jump on the "Ranger to win the Cup" wagon just yet. Glen Sather has a lot of work to do to keep the rest of his team assembled. And really, chemistry is everything. If they can convince Shanahan to take a pay cut and he accepts, I may be more inclined to like their chances. Other than that, this is deja-vu for me seeing these big names in New York. It didn't work much for them in the past, well, except for 1994.

Check out the rest of the Yahoo Gallery here.

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