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Hit the road, Jack

My wife and myself are heading out of town Thursday morning for about a week and a half. We are attending a family campout at Manning Park (near Hope), as we all haven't been in one place for 3 years now.
After that, we visit our other relatives in the Abbotsford area, and then enjoy the sights of Vancouver and Vancouver Island or Gabriola Island.
It should be a great time. I need a damned holiday!
If can update this site along the way I will. Hopefully Nonis doesn't pull off a blockbuster while I'm gone!
Aside from that, I will return early August.
As a side point, this site turned 1 year old last Friday! It's been great times. I enjoy talking hockey on here as much as I did when I first started doing it a year ago. Thank you to all who stop by. It's been my pleasure to inform/amuse you.
I'll be back.