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Good times are close

The NHL brains released the 2007-08 schedule today and your Vancouver Canucks have some particularities you should be aware of:

Oct 5 – Home opener against the Toskala-less Sharks
Oct 6 – First view of Mike Keenan having a coronary as leader of the Flames
Oct 10 – The "seriously-we-still-have-Hatcher?" Flyers come to GM Place
Oct 13 – First of many victories of whatever the Oilers eventually look like
Oct 19 – Unless he gets injured that quickly, perhaps the Canucks finally get a crack at King Cloutier (which means, yes, he will be injured)
Nov 9 – The mulleted militia in Denver invites the Canucks in for a fireside chat
Nov 16 – The "Wild" make a brief appearance in GM Place and then promptly leave winless
Nov 27 – Ducks come to Vancouver. Bert comes to Vancouver. Pronger comes to Vancouver. Pick your poison.
Dec 8 – Sidney comes to town with the baby Pens in tow. Don’t bother trying to get tickets, it was sold out while you read this.
Dec 18 – Canucks host the Devils. Yes, it’s going to a shootout. Plan you evening accordingly.
Dec 31 – NYE game on the road against the Flames
Jan 3 – The no good filthy rotten Rangers will lose to the Canucks in GM Place. Oh yes.
Jan 8 – The Islanders make a showing in B.C. See the above prediction.
Feb 1 – Luongo returns to Florida to embarrass his old team

Some other highlights?

Oh, you again?
Best month for home games – November (8 in total)

Who are you guys?
Most away games in a month – December and March (10 games each)

Why you son of a bitch…
Final 9 games against NW opponents – EDM (2), CAL (3), MIN (2), COL (2)