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Chris Benoit Update July 5

I don't usually post so much about people's personal lives, but searching the referrals in Technorati, there are many people who are forwarded here who are looking for Chris Benoit updates.
Well, there isn't much to tell you right now. The case on Benoit's doctor will take time.
However, the junk / speculation news stories about Benoit are always soon to follow after such a tragedy, and since so many people are curious about it all, here are a few updates.

Hulk Hogan is claiming that Benoit's wife was into Devil Worshipping and that may have caused complications in their marriage.
"The power of Christ compells you." repeat repeat repeat. Nice insight, Hulk.

This piece about how Benoit murdered his son by the same site is disturbing and would be tragic if true.

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