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Canucks sign 3

The Canucks have signed both Brad Isbister and Byron Ritchie to contracts today. Terms were not yet released.
They also signed goalie Cory Schneider, who will probably back up Luongo this coming season.
So, here's the shimmy on the 3.

Brad Isbister

-A 30 year-old left winger born in Edmonton Alberta.
-big physical presence at 6'4" 231 pounds.
-was drafted 67th overall by the Jets in 1995.
-played 19 games for the Rangers last year in a checking role. Had 1 goal and 4 assists.
-career NHL totals: 486 GP, 100 goals, 111 assists, 577 penalty minutes.
Playoff career stats: 18 GP, 1 goal 2 assists.
-best season was with the Islanders in 1999-2000, where he played 64 games, scored 22 goals and added 20 assists.
-Isbister stats found here.
-more Isbister stats here.
-Vancouver is the 6th NHL team he has played for in his 10-year career.
-reports say he has good skating ability for his size, but has not fulfilled his potential that was expected of him by many.
-BradTube: Isbister breaks glass with this hit.
-Is this a project signing by Nonis of the Taylor Pyatt variety?

Byron Ritchie

-local boy comes home. The 30 year-old center was born in Burnaby BC.
-smaller but feisty, scrappy player. 5'10" 185 pounds.
-drafted 165th overall by the Hartford Whalers in 1995.
-In 253 career NHL games, Ritchie has scored 22 goals and added 25 assists, along with 293 penalty minutes.
-He has no goals and no assists in 8 career playoff games.
-Ritchie stats (IHDB)
-Ritchie stats at ESPN.
-Controversial: On Tuesday May 13th, 1997 after a game in the Memorial Cup refereed by a Francophone from Quebec he was caught by an RDS (the French edition of TSN sports television show) camera yelling: "F--- you, you f---ing Frogs! F--- them all!"" He apologized the next day at practice stating "Whether the camera was on me or not doesn't make it right." (Wiki)
-One-on-one interview with Ritchie on May 2007 at Calgary
-RitchieTube: Jarko Ruutu smokes Ritchie.
Ritchie beats up Burrows (Feb. 2007)
Could this be a Ritchie goal? A beauty anyway!
-Did we need another Jeff Cowan? I don't get this signing, unless the Moose need a goon.

Cory Schneider

-21 year-old goalie.
-drafted 26th overall by the Canucks in 2004.
-6'2' 195 pounds.
-Schneider info and stats at

-From Hockey's Future: Utilizing his size and positioning, Cory Schneider’s greatest talent perhaps is being big in the net. While hardly the size of a Sean Burke or an Olaf Kolzig, Schneider seems to give very little for opposition shooters to look at. A very technical butterfly removes the bottom of the net very quickly, and excellent anticipation in reading plays gives him an edge at being there before the puck is. Very quick feet allow for some dazzling kick saves and good lateral movement in the crease. In fact, Schneider in general is a very mobile goaltender in his crease, having no problems moving around quickly to make outstanding saves look quite routine. Rebound control has been a problem for Schneider, and he must learn to suck pucks up, though is should be noted that nearly every young goaltender has some rebound issues. Exudes leadership abilities on the ice, often chatting with his teammates between plays and keeping things light. Teammates definitely feed off his ‘happy-go-lucky’ attitude, and feel very secure with him in the nets. Has shown some excellent big-game ability in international tournaments in Minsk and Slovakia, demoralizing opposition forwards. There are questions about perhaps the lack of high-quality shooters Schneider would have had to face in high school, and those questions were only somewhat answered in those international tournaments.

-SchneiderTube: Frozen Four Flashback.
Schneider loses his head.

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