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Canucks rumor: In talks with Lou to acquire Elias

I know how much the validity of anything on Hockeybuzz is questioned, so take the following with a grain of salt:
The Canucks are also in the market to make a deal...And one of the latest has a package that would send Ohlund and players to NJ for Elias.
God, wouldn't that be sweet. Financially, it doesn't quite add up, as I believe the Canucks would have to lose a lot more than Ohlund's salary ($3.5 million per season) in order to absorb Elias' earnings of $6 million per season.
Hey, Elias would be a welcomed addition though! Losing Ohlund wouldn't hurt my feelings all that much.
Anyway, just a rumor. Tambellini did make it clear yesterday that trading will be one of the options for the Canucks at this point. But are they aiming that high???

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